Mission Statement

Johannes Marliem founded Marliem Consulting to simplify the connection between technology and the needs of governments, businesses and consumers. He saw the expanding opportunity to mold technological innovation into marketable, easy to use products and services, focused on solving some of the most challenging issues in today's economy.

Starting with regional and national hand-held technologies to effectively deliver coupons and discounted service offers from businesses to consumers, Marliem Consulting has pursued increasingly more and more complex challenges and effectively addressed those challenges with the use of hand-held technology products and biometric identification systems, among others. Marliem Consulting moved into government services, including working on the development, management and implementation of a multimodal, bio-identity system that spanned an entire nationwide population. That work garnered Marliem Consulting international credibility and respect.

The mission of Marliem Consulting is to identify, create and manage effective approaches to large scale technological challenges. Bio ID, computer platforms, expansive user systems, Marliem Consulting has the experience to turn extraordinary ideas into reality.

At Marliem Consulting, we connect technology to success.

Bio-ID Overview

What is Bio-ID?

Biometric technology applies the recognition of an individual by biological (fingerprint, iris, and DNA) or behavioral characteristics (keystrokes, signature, and voice). Biometric identification is performed by capturing an individual's biometric data and comparing it to previously obtained reference data
Biometric identification possesses the following advantages:
  • Fraud Protection
  • True Multimodality
  • Ease of use
  • Unobtrusive Recognition
  • Enhanced Security
  • High Durability
  • Portability
  • Multiple Use
Applications of Bio-ID

Bio -ID implementation has numerous applications and is primarily used for the following:
  • Identification
  • Access Control/ Security
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Drivers License
  • Voting System
  • Time and Attendance
  • Member Benefits/ Privileges
  • Member Tracking
  • Taxes Database


Whether we chose to be or not, we are now in a global economy. On the one hand, our marketing opportunities are no longer limited geographically. One the other hand, our competition is no longer merely local or national.

Marliem Consulting has expertise in one specific global market - the fourth largest populated country in the world - Indonesia. Indonesia's economy is growing at 6% annually and its population possesses ever-increasing purchasing power. We have offices in Indonesia, know the territory, and have the expertise to help you be successful marketing in this new democracy.

Interactive & Mobile

The new landscape of advertising is becoming highly interactive and mobile. Marliem Consulting uses advanced technology to avoid all of the problems presented by paper coupons. In addition, we apply this technology to not only increase efficiency, but also to build better relationships with customers, increase sales volume, facilitate creative advertising, and save both the merchant and customer time and money.

Marliem Consulting Team

  • Johannes Marliem
    Executive Director
    Johannes Marliem was born and raised in Indonesia. After gaining valuable work experience running his family's business, Marliem pursued an international education at the University of Minnesota in the United States. Upon graduation, he began working at a large company in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. At the beginning of the smart phone era, Marliem's entrepreneurial spirit showed as he developed a mobile phone-based coupon system, his first start-up company.

    Marliem built on that experience in the creation and operation of a new, large and successful business focused on integrating technology with necessary government functions in Indonesia. He worked to merge international technology and internal Indonesian government services to handle the country's multimodal biometrics platform, ultimately serving over 150 million users. Marliem's work enabled solutions for identity fraud, national and homeland security, electronic and smart credentials, access management, border management and secure financial transactions nationwide in Indonesia. Marliem's business success is a testament to his foresight in being able to understand, predict and implement the merger between technology, national security, and people.

    Marliem is the visionary for the business, developing strategies to best serve the business' short and long term goals. He oversees the execution of projects to ensure continued success of the company. He specifically directs the branch of Biomorf Lone charged with innovation and implementation of new products. Marliem's disciplined approach to managing the business and investing in future growth has placed Biomorf Lone as the industry leader it is today.
  • Thomas Anderson
    Senior Advisor
    Thomas is a trial attorney focused on immigration and civil litigation. He is a shareholder at the law firm Robichaud, Anderson & Alcantara, P.A. Thomas is recognized for high achievement in his practice. He was named a Rising Star through Super Lawyers and recognized by the National Trial Lawyers as one of the top 100 trial attorneys in Minnesota. Thomas is the past chair for the Immigration Law section of the Minnesota State Bar Association. He is a frequent speaker on immigration law-related education courses and regularly appears on Spanish language radio. He received his JD from the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minnesota, where he was a Dean's scholarship recipient. He received his undergraduate degrees from Montana State University and the University of Seville, Spain, graduating cum laude. Thomas benefited from extensive travel in his youth and now uses that experience to represent ethnically diverse clients in his practice.
  • Keith Dotseth
    Senior Advisor
    Keith has devoted his career to complex civil litigation, strategic counseling and governmental relations. He has participated in some of the most significant litigation and crisis management challenges over the last two decades. Among the crisis management challenges in which he has had direct personal involvement include: silicone breast implant worldwide class action litigation; asbestos insurance coverage litigation; several significant environmental clean-up cases and disputes; and other significant bodily injury and property damage events, including, for example, direct involvement in the crisis challenges and litigation arising from the 9/11 World Trade Center Events and the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, among others.

    He is deeply experienced and adept at managing and directing private company interactions with governmental entities while always maintaining a proactive and protective legal exposure posture. He is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and received his JD, summa cum laude, University of Iowa. He also is one of the founding partners of the Larson • King, LLP law firm, where he currently practices law as a partner of the firm.
  • Donald McFarland
    Public Relations Director
    Donald McFarland has over three decades of experience in political and non-profit communications and media relations. His work combines communications and media relations with grassroots organizing, electoral campaigns and issue advocacy. Donald's career began at age 18, when he managed and won a school board campaign in Suburban Philadelphia.

    With that success he pursued larger projects. In 1992, Donald joined the Clinton-Gore team as the LGBT Outreach Director in Philadelphia.After years of political work around the country, Donald founded McFarland & Co, a progressive communications, media and government relations firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. McFarland & Co works on a regional and national level on today's most compelling issues. Donald's work in North Dakota helped pass the Affordable Care Act and financial reform. In Wisconsin, he worked with veterans to stop a damaging asbestos bill and with activists to help elect Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Recently in Minnesota, Donald served as Communications Director for the Minnesota DFL Party and spokesperson for Governor Mark Dayton during his gubernatorial recount.
  • Darikka Scollard
    Digital Director
    Darikka's interest in the digital world began in 2008 while she was working on Barack Obama's successful Presidential campaign. Since then, she has worked with campaigns, non-profits and other organizations to improve their social media and web presence. In addition to her work in the United States, Darikka has worked internationally both in Ghana and with U.S. based international NGO's. Her education includes focusing on Global Conflict and Political Science as an undergraduate and International Relations as a Graduate student. She enjoys the challenge of effectively sharing ideas and information with a global audience.

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